Speech Therapists

Speech therapists help people  think and communicate with others.  Our speech therapists have completed advanced training and provide therapy for:

  • Talking & Voice:  to improve voice volume, breath support, articulation, receptive and expressive communication
  • Cognition:  to improve thinking skills
  • Eating & Swallow Function:   to improve chewing and swallow function


Speech Therapy
Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell, Speech Therapist


Training & Education: Mandy received her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Valdosta State University in Georgia. 

Specializations & Certifications: Mandy works with patients who have swallowing issues, cognitive impairment, aphasia and difficulty with receptive and expressive language. She is certified in VitalStim and Myofacial release.

Speech Therapy
Jaime Richardson

Jaime Richardson, Speech Therapist


Training & Education:  Jaime has a degree in Sociology with minor in Psychology from the University of North Alabama and Master’s in Speech Language Pathology from Alabama A and M University. 

Specializations & Certifications:  Jaime specializes in treatment of dysphagia (swallowing impairment) and cognitive rehabilitation.  She works with people with Stroke, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Head and Neck cancer and other disorders.  She is certified in  VitalStim , Myofascial Release, and LSVT ( Loud Program) programs.

Home Town:  Florence, AL  Favorite Restaurant:  Mexican & Italian  Favorite Treat:  Cheesecake  What She Does For Fun:  Reading, playing the piano, composition, and painting.  She likes doing things with her girls and loves the outdoors.

Speech Therapy
Hayley Corder, MS, CCC-SLP

Hayley Corder, SLP


Training & Education: Hayley received her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Specializations & Certifications: Hayley works with patients who have swallowing impairments (dysphagia), articulation disorders, and language disorders (expressive and receptive). She is certified in eSWALLOW .

Home Town: Huntsville, AL     Favorite Restaurant: Panera     Favorite Treat: Starbucks     What She Does For Fun: Travel, hiking, bike riding