Skin & Tissues

Lymphedema Therapy: 


is swelling that results in excess accumulation of fluid in the tissues from inadequate function of the lymphatic system.  Lymphatic function can be interrupted by:

  • Surgery that requires removal of lymph nodes.
  • Scar tissue and damage to lymph nodes and vessels by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, infections such as cellulites, or severe traumatic injury.

Lymphedema can develop immediately, months, or even years after surgery or injury.  Left untreated, the involved limb slowly grows larger and provides an environment for infection.


is swelling that results from inadequate function of the blood system.


To get the best results, Lymphedema and Edema are treated with Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT).  This includes: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Bandaging and/or Compression Garmets, Remedial Exercises, and Proper Skin Care & Diet.

Our therapists are LANA certified lymphedema therapist and provides training throughout your treatment program to enable you to become independent with managing your swelling.  When you have accomplished your goals, we provide follow-up visits to ensure your home program remains effective.

Cancer Rehab

for managing swelling, neuropathy, pain, scar tissue, and mobility impairment that result from treatment of cancer.  Speech Therapy for swallow therapy, voice therapy, tracheotomy & laryngectomy care after Head & Neck Cancer

Burn Rehab

for controlling scar tissue, swelling and tissue mobility

Wound Rehab

for controlling swelling and infection to facilitate wound healing