About Us

Our Team:

Therapy Achievements, in Huntsville AL, is dedicated to providing excellence in rehabilitation services.  We provide out-patient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to help people re-gain access to their community, maximize their independence and reach their potential.  Our therapists have degrees from accredited schools and are licensed by the State of Alabama.

Our Practice:

Therapy Achievements, located in Huntsville, AL is a private out-patient clinic dedicated to helping people with physical, cognitive and visual limits re-gain function and reach their potential.

Founded in 2009, Therapy Achievements is accredited by the State of Alabama as an Out Patient Rehabilitation Facility, a distinction held by only several clinics in the state of Alabama.  This enables us to provide out-patient physical, occupational and speech therapy services within one setting.   Our multi-disciplinary team approach to rehabilitation results in efficient and coordinated services that are tailored to your specific and unique needs.

Patients at Therapy Achievements get more than just therapy services:  They get an experience that brings healing and hope.  Therapy Achievement’s team of highly specialized, experienced clinicians are dedicated to helping their patients rebuild their lives with hope, independence and dignity, advocating for their full inclusion in all aspects of community life while promoting safety and injury prevention.

Clinicians work with each person to create a unique plan of care for rehabilitation using state-of-the-art therapy techniques, therapeutic equipment and comprehensive educational services.   Patients are followed long-term with regular contact after discharge to ensure home programs are effective and progress in maintained.

Therapy Achievements further helps patients “bridge the gap” from injury and disability back into community involvement through its extensive involvement in support groups.  By hosting support groups and connecting patients to others who have and are negotiating the rehabilitation journey.

We understand that life will deal our patients, our staff, and our company challenges that may seem overwhelming.  But by working together we are stronger, more creative, and can accomplish more as a team than if we worked alone.

We are available to attend public or private events to speak about a wide range of different subjects related to rehabilitation therapy. Click here to find out more.

 Our History

Therapy Achievements was founded in 2009 by Karen Allen Hislop.  Karen’s passion for caring for others developed at an early age.   As a school girl, she remembers trying to comfort a fellow classmate who was afraid on the first day of school and standing up for a boy with disabilities who was being picked on by others.   She remembers she not only wanted to help those who faced challenges but felt it was her duty to do so.  In high school, when given an assignment to report on a career, she looked for something that would fit “her calling”.  She chose Occupational Therapy.

College was peppered with more experiences that confirmed she was on the right path.  Her grandmother developed Alzheimer’s Disease and the time she spent caring for her helped her understand strategies that worked (and strategies that didn’t!) when working with someone with cognitive impairment.  After college, her first job was in a small town in Vermont and provided the opportunity to work with a young woman with a traumatic brain injury.  That proved to be her “ah ha” moment and Karen has been hooked on neuro-rehabilitation ever since.  She moved to the Medical Center of Vermont Rehabilitation Hospital to develop her neuro rehabilitation skills and was instrumental in developing their Traumatic Brain Injury program there.

From Vermont she moved to Huntsville, AL and worked at Healthsouth Outpatient Rehab Center.  There she developed an appreciation for how important a team approach is to rehabilitation.  When Healthsouth re-structured and closed their out-patient division, there was a void in comprehensive outpatient services for people with neurological injuries such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.  This need inspired Karen to form Therapy Achievements in 2009.