Events & Public Speaking

We are available for public speaking and events. Anything from professional gatherings to support group functions. With an extensive knowledge of many rehabilitation subjects we can provide an interesting and engaging presentation to meet your needs. CEUs are available and rehab training topics include:

We are a private outpatient clinic dedicated to helping people with physical, cognitive, and visual limits regain function and reach their potential. Therapy Achievements’ patients get more than just therapy services, they get an experience that brings healing and hope.

Rehab Training: Balance and Fall Prevention

Good balance is dependent on the coordination of the visual, peripheral and motor systems.  If one of these systems is not functioning correctly, the risk of falls increases.  This presentation outlines how to evaluate the components of balance, identify the risk factors for fall, and how to implement fall prevention strategies.

Drive Safely

Driving is an important component of independent living and the ability to continue driving safely after disability is of utmost importance.  This presentation outlines the components of a driving evaluation, adaptive strategies and adaptive equipment available to enhance driving safety.

Rehab Training: Components of Cognition

Cognition, or thinking skills, enable us to function independently and can be disrupted by brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia or other progressive conditions. Cognitive rehabilitation focuses on cognitive re-training and compensation strategies and this presentation outlines the hierarchy of cognitive skills and techniques for evaluation and treatment of each.

Rehab Training: Stroke Rehab

Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability and the leading cause of preventable disability. This presentation outlines who is at risk for stroke, the phases of stroke recovery, disability predictability, and the components of stroke rehab.

Staying Independent

Changes in visual, cognitive and physical function can interfere with a person's ability to complete self care and independent living skills.  Adaptive technology and adaptive equipment can help compensate for these changes and enable greater independence.  This presentation outlines technology available to assist with staying independent.

Lymphedema: Treatment of the Swollen Limb

Lymphedema can occur after trauma, treatment of cancer, or can be hereditary.  This presentation outlines how lymphedema occurs, who is at risk for developing a swollen limb, and how to treat and prevent lymphedema.

Wheelchair Assessments

People who need wheelchairs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and have different needs.  One chair does not fit all!  This presentation outlines what to evaluate when selecting a wheelchair for a client to ensure a perfect fit.