Speech Therapists

Speech therapists help people  think and communicate with others.  Our speech therapists have completed advanced training and provide therapy for:

  • Talking & Voice:  to improve voice volume, breath support, articulation, receptive and expressive communication
  • Cognition:  to improve thinking skills
  • Eating & Swallow Function:   to improve chewing and swallow function


We offer speech therapy to help with speaking, reading, or writing. We use a variety of therapies including LSVT Loud and Speak Out! to help people speak loudly and clearly when communicating with others.


For swallowing therapy, our therapists use a variety of therapies and techniques including VitalStim technology and Synchrony Swallowing Therapy to help people with dysphagia and other swallowing problems.



Cognition & Memory

Cognitive problems may include difficulty with concentration, attention, memory, and poor judgment.  Our Memory Rehabilitation program helps people with progressive disease slow down memory loss and identify compensation strategies.