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Regaining the ability to walk when you have Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, or other central nervous system disorders can difficult. After-effects such as foot drop, thigh weakness, and sensory impairment can make functional mobility hard.  They can also reduce your balance and increase the risk for falls and injuries.  Now Bioness helps with walking.

The Bioness System is designed to help people with Central Nervous System Disorders move more naturally. Bioness has developed an advanced technology system which delivers  low-level electrical stimulation to activate nerves and muscles surrounding the affected area. This stimulation gives you increased mobility and dexterity.  The system’s gait sensor adapts to changes in terrain and walking speed. This means that Bioness helps with walking.  The system can tell that you need more stimulation while hiking than when walking at the mall.  

Outpatient Therapies  help patients with Stroke, Parkinson’s, TBI, and other Central Nervous System Disorders improve their strength, balance, and coordination.   Therapists develop individualized treatment programs designed to target each patients needs.  Programs include strengthening exercises, stretches, and balance activities.  And now they have another tool to add to their toolbox.  Adding the Bioness System to your therapy program not only helps you regain better use of your legs and feet but also improves your endurance.  This allows you to walk better, falls less, and be safer.  

Therapy Achievements is pleased to host a Bioness Clinic on the First Tuesday of each month.   You can sign up to try the Bioness system for free!  An expert Bioness representative will fit you with the device and let you try it in the clinic.  See if the Bioness System can help you! To schedule an appointment, contact Therapy Achievements through Facebook or call our office at 256-509-4398.

See the video below for examples of Bioness L300 Foot Drop System.

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