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Happy 4th of July 2020!

July 4, 2020

4th of July Stars and Ribbons

Happy 4th of July!  On the 4th of July we celebrate our Independence Day. On that day in 1776  the second Continental Congress declared our independence from Great Britain:

  • In 1774 delegates from the 13 colonies met as the First Continental Congress to organize a resistance response to taxes without representation imposed by the British government.
  • In April 1775 the American Minute Men (the colonists militia) and British soldiers exchanged gunfire and “the shot heard around the world” initiated the Revolutionary War (1775-83).  Later that year, the Second Continental Congress met again to devise a strategy.
  • On July 4, 1776 the Second Continental Congress took the momentous step of declaring America’s independence from Britain.
  • On September 9, 1776, the Continental Congress declared the “United Colonies” would hence forth be the “United States” of America.
  • In 1781 the Congress ratified the Articles of Confederation, the first national constitution.
  • In 1789, the current U.S. Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.

Traditionally, the 4th of July is celebrated with parades, fireworks, barbecues and festivals.  How will you celebrate the 4th of July in 2020?


July 4, 2020
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