Lighthouse Lymphedema Network

Lighthouse Lymphedema Conference

The Lighthouse Lymphedema Conference is hosted each year by the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network. Lymphedema is a condition in which lymph fluid builds up in the tissues and can be the result of cardiac or renal issues, problems with vein function, side effects from treatment of cancer, or malformation of the lymph vessels. Although lymphedema cannot be cured, it is a condition that can be treated and managed. Because Lighthouse conferences feature renown speakers who share cutting edge research and treatment information about lymphedema, it is highly respected and widely attended by people throughout the southeast.

The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network is non-profit organization of people with lymphedema or people who have an interest in lymphedema. Their goal is to educate, promote awareness, and provide support for lymphedema patients, the medical community, family and caregivers, insurance companies, the general public, and lymphedema support groups.  In addition to hosting an annual conference, the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network is very active in advocacy work and fundraising for research and to provide treatment and supplies for patients in need.

2018 Lighthouse Lymphedema Conference

2017 Lighthouse Lymphedema Conference

Carla Crawford with Medi/Circaid Lympedema Products
Carla Crawford with Medi/Circaid Lympedema Products
Eve Panek with Juzo Lymphedema Products
Karen Hislop, Kristen McCombs and Cheryl Byers with Therapy Achievements
Katy Reading with Atlanta Rehab and Cheryl Byers with Therapy Achievements
Bob Hartel with Solaris Lymphedema Products


Nancy Vee with EZ Medical Wraps
Pat Cosgrove with Impedimed
Sharon Thorp with Xpandasox
Tammy Malone with Custom Compression
Victor Luciano with BSN, Farrow & Jovipak


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