AMBUCS Adaptive Bikes

May 28, 2022
AMBUCS Adaptive Bikes

AMBUCS Adaptive Bikes for People with Limited Mobility

AMBUCS adaptive bikes are customized bicycles that give people with limited mobility the ability to safely ride a bike. Exercise and being mobile are key to good health. And exercising is often very difficult for people with limited mobility from conditions like stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy. Giving people a chance to not only improve their health but to achieve new levels of freedom is one of the most rewarding aspects of being involved with AMBUCS. And even more important, it's fun to ride.

AMBUCS: American Business Clubs

AMBUCS - American Business Clubs -is dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities and fulfills this mission by:

  • Performing various forms of community service including building ramps and accessible playgrounds
  • Providing AmTryke therapeutic tricycles to individuals unable to operate a traditional bike
  • Awarding scholarships to therapists

AMBUCS - was formed in 1919 by Auburn graduate William White. His dream was to begin a national service organization for young business and professional men. Today there are more than 130 chapters in over 30 states - and they're still growing! To learn more about AMBUCS and how to participate in adaptive bike build or their programs log on to:

Huntsville Tennessee Valley AMBUCS

The Huntsville Tennessee Valley AMBUCS raises money and builds AMBUCS adaptive bikes for children, wounded warriors, and other adults who are unable to ride a regular bike. Volunteer therapists design an AMBUCS adaptive bike to specifically address the needs of the rider. Bikes may be "peddled" by using hands and/or feet and can be adapted in many ways. Each bike is customized to the individual rider for frame size and positioning needs. Positioning options include seat selection, head rests, lateral support, knee separators, foot cups and handgrip placement.

Benefits of AMBUCS Adaptive Bikes

Though fun to ride, the AMBURS adaptive bike is a therapeutic device. It was inspired by a therapist in hopes of giving every individual the freedom of riding their own bike. The bikes can enhance the quality of life for individuals by helping improve coordination, improving motor skills, helping build strength and also helping improve their self-esteem. These bikes help give individuals who cannot ride traditional bikes the ability to get outside and experience the feeling of riding a bike.

Unfortunately the cost of the AMBUCS adaptive bike is not covered by insurance. And many riders cannot afford to purchase their own bike. This is where The Huntsville-Tennessee Valley Friends of AMBUCS comes into play. They connect the rider with a therapist who completes an evaluation and makes the recommendation for the adaptive bike. Then the rider goes to the Huntsville-Tennessee Valley AMBUCS demo site to be sized for a bike. If it is determined that the rider is financially unable to purchase a bike, the rider is place on our AmByke Wish List.

Local AMBUCS Support

The Huntsville-Tennessee Valley Friends of AMBUCS works with the rider to develop a fundraising strategy. They help recruit individuals, businesses and organizations to donate money to purchase the bikes. In order to be placed on the wish list, rider must agree that once the bike is no longer needed they will return it to the local chapter. This way the bike can be recycled and other individuals can benefit from its use.

Members of the local Semper Fi Riding Club are one of the long time supporters of AMBUCS adaptive bikes. They not only financially support the Huntsville-Tennessee Valley Friends of AMBUCS, but host the bike builds.

If you think that you or someone you know would benefit from an AmByke and you would like more information then please contact The Huntsville-Tennessee Valley Friends of AMBUCS through our Contact Us page. Or call our AmByke Program Manager, Tami Tubell at 256.520.5194.If you, your business or your organization would like to get involved by donating money, time or resources then please take a look at our Donate section.


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