Aphasia: Speech Therapy Helps Life Without Words

June 20, 2015

Speech Therapy helps life without words.  Communication is not only how we interact with the world, it is how the world interacts with us.

Imagine you suddenly lost your ability to understand speech, to talk, to read, and to write but you had NOT lost your intelligence.

Imagine how everyday tasks would suddenly become difficult.  Where simple pleasures become confusing.  Imagine a place where your closest friends seem distant.  A place where you could not even share a book with your own child.  Just imagine how easy it could be to exploit you.  And you could not even share your day with the person you love.

Imagine if YOU had aphasia.  Sometimes we cannot undo what has been done.

But imagine you could make a difference in the life of someone with aphasia.

Therapy Achievements is a Rehabilitation Center that provides Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy for Balance and Movement, Speech and Swallowing, Swelling from Lymphedema and Edema, Driving Rehabilitation and Functional Living Skills for visual and cognitive re-training.  We help people with Brain Injury, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Lymphedema, Head and Neck Cancer, Vertigo and Dizziness, and other disorders that interfere with mobility and function.  We offer VitalStim Technology, Saebo Technology, LSVT LOUD Treatment, LSVT BIG Treatment, and Neuro-Developmental Treatment.