Cancer Support Resources

January 29, 2020
Cancer Support Resources
A cancer diagnosis is life changing. Support resources are vital for your physical, emotional, and financial health. Below we have compiled a list of cancer support resources in the Huntsville, Alabama area. 

Resources for Physical Health:

Therapy Achievements- Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Memory Rehab has been proven to increase the quality of life for patients battling cancer. Physical Therapy can help with weakness and pain. Weakness and pain are common side effects that result from chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Occupational Therapy can help with pain caused by scar tissue, frozen shoulder, and chemo brain. Lymphedema or swelling can be managed by an Occupational Therapist. Speech therapy is ideal for patients dealing with side effects from treatment or surgery of the mouth or throat. Therapy Achievements also offers a Memory Rehab program that focuses on exercises that help with the common side effect "Chemo Brain", or memory loss and fatigue during or after chemotherapy rounds.

Fit to Fight- Clearview Cancer Institute, Russel Hill Cancer Foundation, and the YMCA have joined together to provide this program. Participants are eligible if the are currently undergoing treatment for cancer or have within the past five years. You can learn more about the program's details here.

Resources for Emotional Health:

Behavioral Sciences- A cancer diagnosis may trigger feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and fear. These feelings are common in both the patient and their families. Behavioral Sciences is an outpatient counseling service that offers therapy for patients dealing with difficult emotions. They offer individual or family therapy. Learn more about Behavioral Sciences here.

Rocket City Counselor- Rocket City Counselor offers a unique therapy program for caregivers dealing with stress or grief related to the illnesses or disabilities of their loved ones.

Resources for Financial Health:

Russel Hill Cancer Foundation- Russel Hill is a non-profit foundation that provides financial aid to patients fighting cancer. They also manage the Wig it Forward Program which provides discounted wigs to patients in need. If you are a loved one are needing assistance with treatment costs, contact Russel Hill today. Call 256-503-8241 or visit their website for more information.