Getting In and Out of a Car: Top Car Transfer Aids

November 06, 2022

Getting in and out of a car is an everyday thing that most people don't even think about.  But if you have mobility problems, everyday little things like car transfers can turn into a sticking point.  And if you run into a sticking point every time you want to do something, it can wear you out.  Over time, sticking points can restrict your freedom, limit your ability to participate, and sap your energy.

But it doesn't have to be so hard!  Here are some of the top car transfer aids to help you get in and out of a car:

Use the correct transfer technique:  Most of us step into a car by putting one foot on the floorboard and pivoting on the standing leg while lowering into the seat.  This method requires good leg strength and good balance.  If you don't have good leg strength or balance, try backing up to the seat and sitting before putting your feet in.  Do the reverse to get out - pivot in the seat to move both feet out of the car and secure your footing on the ground before standing up.  By doing it this way, you have a better base of support, you need less leg strength and it reduces risk of falling.

Swivel Seat Cushion:  If pivoting on the seat to move your legs in an out of the car is difficult, a swivel seat cushion can help you do so with less strain and improved body mechanics.

Car Transfer Grip:  For back seat riders, this car transfer grip gives you a firm support to hold onto to help with balance when transferring in and out of the car.

Stander CarCaddie: This support adds stability and balance during car transfers.  Buckle this nylon strap to the frame of your window.  The sturdy nylon strap adjusts in length from 7"-16" for a customized fit and supports weights up to 250 ls.

HandyBar Support Handle:  If weak leg muscles make it hard for you to move from sit to stand, this no-slip handle can help.  It is designed to fit into the car door latch to provide a support for transfers.  It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. and comes with a built-in seat belt cutter and window breaker in case of emergencies.

Liberty Lift Transfer Aid:  If you need help from someone else to move from sit to stand the Liberty Lift Transfer Aid can help.  It is a way your caregivers can give you a boost without pulling your arms or hurting their backs.  You need to be able to follow directions and have good hand and arm strength for this to work well.

Slide and Ride Transfer Board:  This transfer board is designed specifically to help with car transfers.  By placing the longer legs of the device on the ground and the shorter legs in the car, It provides a bridge to help you into your car.  It has height adjustable legs to ensure a safe and secure transfers and can accommodate up to 500 lbs.

Swivel Car Seats:  These devices interface the with the seat in your car allow the seat to turn and lower with the push of a button.  BraunAbility, Adapt Solutions are two companies that manufacture these

For some, improving safety and independence with car transfer aids can be simple and inexpensive.  For others, it may take an investment of time and money.  But greater mobility means greater freedom and that can be priceless. Therapy Achievements can help you determine what car transfer aids are right for you. Our driving rehabilitations specialists are experts in driving safety and will help you develop a plan to maximize your independence. Give us a call today!