Good Luck to Occupational Therapy Interns

August 06, 2016
Good Luck to Occupational Therapy Interns

Sadly, it's time to say goodbye and good luck to our occupational therapy interns at Therapy Achievements.  Dominique and Monique have done a tremendous job with treating our patients, helping to further develop our vision therapy program, and organizing our procedures.  They will be very missed!

Speech Therapy at Therapy Achievements Jennie Franklin, office manager, and Mandy Bell, speech therapist at the Goodbye Party for Dominique and Monique

In addition to working with us, they have been busy studying for their licensure exam and have one more internship with Huntsville City Schools before they launch their careers in the field of occupational therapy.  They are smart, hard working  and will go far!  We are looking forward to seeing what star they follow.




Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy at Therapy Achievements Cheryl Byers, occupational therapist, Cathy McNeely, physical therapist, and Kristen McComb, occupational therapy assistant at the Goodbye Party for Monique and Dominique

Therapy Achievements takes interns from Tuskegee University, where Dominique and Monique study, from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, and Wallace State College.  We are looking forward to being able to take interns from the physical therapy program at UAB and physical therapy assistant programs at Calhoun Community College and Wallace State College.