Rocket City Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

August 01, 2022
Rocket City Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

Therapy Achievements hosts the Rocket City Multiple Sclerosis Support Group so that people with MS, their family and friends can get together to discuss their experiences, share ideas, and provide support for one another. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 8:00 at Therapy Achievements. We typically have a speaker on a topic that is relevant to some aspect of living with multiple sclerosis along with fun, food and friendship.  We have resumed meeting in person but have an option to join via Zoom.

Good Topics and Fun Things Planned for 2022:

Tue Aug 16 - Living with MS: Effects of Heat on MS

Tue Sept 20 - Living with MS:  Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Tue Oct 18 - MeetUp at Stovehouse

Tue Nov 15 - Living with MS: Best Technologies to Manage MS

Tue Dec 20 - Holiday Party - location to be announced

Benefits of Support Groups

WebMD advocates that one of the biggest advantages of support groups is helping a person realize that he or she is not alone -- that there are other people who have the same problems. This is often a revelation and a huge relief to the person. Being in a support group can also help you develop new skills to relate to others. In addition, the members of the group who have the same problems can support each other and may suggest new ways of dealing with a particular problem.

What to Expect in a Support Group

Some people feel uncomfortable at first about discuss problems in front of strangers. We understand this and there is never any obligation at the Huntsville Multiple Sclerosis Support Group to share or join discussions if you don't want to. Often, the fact that others are facing the same type of situation may help you open up and discuss your feelings. In addition, everything that takes place within the support group should be kept confidential.

Knowledge Is Truly Empowering

Knowing as much as you can about multiple sclerosis, how to manage it and what to expect has an empowering effect. Knowledge can help maximize therapeutic outcomes by promoting adherence to treatment and enhance your quality of life. In addition to attending the Huntsville Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, The National MS Society offers an extensive variety of programs, services, resources and connection opportunities for people living with and affected by MS, including family members, caregivers and other members of their support systems. Contact them at:

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