Living with Brain Injury: Jennifer Turbeville's Story

March 17, 2018

My Story

I'm Jennifer Beard Turbeville and I had a Transpetrosal Craniotomy. My Epidermoid Brain tumor formed when I was an embryo. This type of tumor is noncancerous and slow growing. I had chronic headaches as an adult, but didn't know it as a tumor until I was 35. I sought out help for my headaches and had a basal brain craniotomy in 2007. Not all of the tumor could be removed safely at that time.

Over 9 years, it grew again, and began causing more problems. The doctors at Vanderbilt agreed that a Transpetrosal Craniotomy is what I needed. They informed me that it was a 10/10 type of surgery with a list of risks. I was in surgery 14 hours and had to go to rehab afterwards. I had to relearn to walk, talk in complete, unbroken sentences, swallow food, and use my left arm and hand. There were other problems including double vision, loss of hearing, balance issues, and brain swelling. I had a lot to overcome, but the doctors were confident that I would make a full recovery in time.

Praise and thanks go to God for guiding the doctors' hands during surgery and continue to heal me after surgery!

I had a very good start to my recovery at Stallworth Rehabilitation Center, and five weeks later I had continued help from Therapy Achievement. I am walking, eating and enjoying many activities outside therapy. I still have work to do after four months, but I am definitely on my way to a full recovery!