Home for the Holidays: Make Holiday Visits Easier

November 29, 2022

Spending time with family and sharing a special meal over the Holidays is a long-held tradition for many people. We look forward to getting together with extended family members to watch football, play games and eat tons of delicious food. But disability can change what used to be an enjoyable event to a worrisome or stressful occasion. Do not despair! You can still participate in all the holiday fun and minimize the stress by planning ahead to make holiday visits easier.

Easier Clothing and Footwear

Easier Moving Around

Make holiday visits easier by planning for each step of your trip.

Think about how you will leave your house and get in and out of the car.

When you arrive at your destination, where will you park? Is there gravel or uneven ground from the car to the house? Are there steps to get into the home? Will you need a portable ramp to enter the home?

Once inside, how will you navigate the rooms? Would a gait belt or transport chair be helpful? Perhaps extra chairs or hall tables could be stashed in the spare bedroom during your visit.

How will you access the bathroom? Would putting a bedside commode over the toilet be helpful? You can find practically brand-new bedside commodes at thrift stores or equipment donation centers. Perhaps a portable grab bar would provide just the right amount of support.

Think about where you will sit and how you will eat your meal. Do you need to bring risers to make your chair taller? Bring your own special utensils or plate guard? An apron to protect from spills? A cup with a lid a straw to prevent spills or drops?

Easier Pacing

Another important thing to consider to make holiday visits easier is that most people with disability have a reduced tolerance for noise and commotion. And children hyped up from excitement and extra sugar could send you over the edge! So let your host know ahead of time that you may need to slip away to the guest room for a nap or some quiet time.

Holidays are the best time of the year. So don’t get left out during holiday visits. Plan ahead to make holiday visits easier, stress free and enjoyable. Because the best thing about memories is making them!