Rocket City MS Support Meets 7-17-18

July 09, 2018
Rocket City MS Support Meets 7-17-18

Join us for facts, food and friendship! Dr. Chris Laganke will speak about risk factors for developing MS and you will hear from someone living with MS about their experiences. Food and beverages will be catered. Register at or call 1-866-955-9999.  You won't want to miss!

Rocket City Multiple Sclerosis Support Group meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Therapy Achievements at Clearview Cancer Institute.

Knowledge is truly empowering.

Knowing as much as you can about multiple sclerosis, how to manage it and what to expect has an empowering effect. Knowledge can help maximize therapeutic outcomes by promoting adherence to treatment and enhance your quality of life. In addition to attending the Rocket City Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, The National MS Society offers an extensive variety of programs, services, resources and connection opportunities for people living with and affected by MS, including family members, caregivers and other members of their support systems.

Benefits of a Support Group

One of the biggest advantages of a support group is that it helps a person realize that he or she is not alone -- that there are other people who have the same problems.  Sharing experiences and problem solving strategies for coping with issues can result in effective and creative solutions and you may discover new ways of dealing with a particular problem.  Email for more information or to get on our email reminder list.