Shoe Recommendations for Patients with Lymphedema

January 14, 2020
Shoe Recommendations for Patients with Lymphedema

Finding shoes that fit properly can be difficult if you deal with Lymphedema or swelling of your lower extremities. Below we have listed a few shoe recommendations for patients with Lymphedema. We've also listed a few things to keep in mind when purchasing shoes if you have swelling or Lymphedema of the lower extremities. (Please note: we do not receive endorsements from any of the companies or brands listed below. )

A Few Helpful Hints

  1. If possible, try the shoes on before you buy them. Be sure to keep up with your receipt and tags in case you need to make a return or an exchange.
  2. Keep moisture in mind. Purchase shoes that are made from breathable materials to cut down on foot moisture.
  3. Buy multiples. If you find a shoe that works well for you, buy a few extra pairs for future use.
  4. Adjustable, Adjustable, Adjustable! The most important out of our shoe recommendations for patients with Lymphedema is to find an adjustable shoe. Our feet tend to swell more throughout the day and having a pair of shoes that you can adjust to fit you more comfortably is important.


About the brand: Pandere is owned and operated by women with first hand Lymphedema experiences. These shoes are available in multiple sizes and can be adjusted to wider widths. Styles are available for both men and women.

You can check out Pandere's website for more style and color options.

Display Pandere Barista Shoe
Pandere Barista Shoe


About the brand: Propet offers over 60 diverse styles for men and women. Propet also provides slip resistant shoe options. Shoes are available to purchase at participating JC Penney's, DSW, and Shoe Carnival. Propet brand shoes are also available on Amazon . Their website offers the option to shop by width, style, color, and more.

Display Propet Travel Action Shoe
Propet: TravelAction Shoe


About the Brand: These shoes are praised for their comfort. Adjusting the size is easy and the shoes are machine washable. Because of this, these shoes can last you for several years. The shoes come in a range of colors and patterns. These shoes can be ordered online or purchased at participating REI locations and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Display Furoshiki shoe by Vibram
Furoshiki by Vibram

It's an amazing thing, the difference to one's power of concentration a pair of comfortable shoes can make- Lauri R. King