Dysphagia Articles

August 01, 2023

Synchrony Dysphagia Treatment Changes Lives

Have you or someone you know experienced issues when eating or swallowing?  Issues such as pain, being unable to swallow normally, coughing, gagging or feeling like there is food stuck in the throat?  Do you have to avoid certain foods altogether because…

June 18, 2021

Dysphagia: The Difficult Swallowing Dilemma

Many of us experience difficulty swallowing if we eat too fast or don't chew our food well. But, for more than 9-million Americans, this is more than an occasional annoyance. If you continually have difficulty swallowing, or if it's painful to swallow,…

June 13, 2016

Speech Therapy Helps Dysphagia

 Did you know that 89% of people with Brain Injury, Stroke, MS, and Parkinson's Disease have trouble with speech and swallowing? Do You Have: Changes in your voice? Difficulty or pain while swallowing?  Feel like something is stuck in your throat after…