Wheelchair Evaluations

Therapy Achievements has experienced staff for wheelchair evaluation and consultation services. We can write medical letters of necessity for obtaining new chairs or modifying existing chairs. We also work closely with local wheelchair dealers to determine what chair and features would be most appropriate for you. 

What to expect

Is insurance the funding source for the chair? If so, there must be 4 individuals involved to obtain the chair. The client who will receive the chair, the medical doctor who writes the referral, the therapist who performs the evaluation, and the assistive technology professional (ATP) who communicates with the manufacturer and insurance and ultimately delivers the chair. At Therapy Achievements, we make this a smooth process and provide continuous assistance long after the evaluation.







Local Wheelchair Dealers:

Freedom in Mobility

Whether you’re a client, caregiver, or healthcare provider, we take care of the business of mobility and leave you free to take care of what matters most: living. 

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Hometown Healthcare is your trusted home medical equipment provider. We guarantee you prompt, friendly, professional service because your satisfaction is our top priority. 


Fuller Medical Solutions is dedicated to finding the appropriate medical equipment solutions for the clients that we serve. We work in a collaborative manner with the individual, their medical team and family to better understand their specific needs. With a cumulative experience of over 70 years in the medical equipment business, we use our expertise to anticipate and resolve potential problems that can delay the process.