Driving Evaluations

The Driving Evaluation provides an objective assessment of a person's ability to drive and provides documentation of driving capability for those who wish to resume driving after a medical incident or diagnosis. The therapist establishes driving goals with the client and evaluates the client's vision, range of motion, coordination, break reaction time, and speed of processing.

If the client is a candidate for driving, the evaluation proceeds to the On-The-Road portion of the assessment.  Ther therapist orients the client to the car, and once the client has become comfortable driving in a parking lot, prodeeds into traffic.  At the completion of the evaluation, recommendations are made regarding a person's ability to drive and what, if any, adaptive equipment or restrictions are needed to ensure safety.  A report detailing the evaluation results and recommendations is sent to the client and the client's referring physician.

Adaptive Driving Training

Therapy Achievements provides training in use of adaptive driving equipment for people with paralysis from stroke or spinal cord injury, for people who have lost sensation in limbs, or lost their limbs due to neuropathy, or people who have sustained amputation.  The Therapy Achievements car is equipped with hand controls, left gas accelerator, steering knobs, and other adaptive equipment.  The therapist assists the client in selecting the correct equipment and provides training in its use.  Once training is complete, a report stating the client is competent in use of the equipment is sent to the clinet, the client's referring physician, and the vendor who will install the equipment.


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