Functional Living Skills

Driving Rehab

We evaluate your physical and cognitive abilities to:

  • Identify safety issues and determine if continued driving is an option
  • Train in risk reduction and compensatory strategies
  • Identify the need for and train with adaptive driving equipment such as hand controls, left gas accelerator

Adaptive Technology

Functional Living and Adaptive Technology can enable people with paralysis and other disabling conditions access to their environment in ways that were not possible in the past. Therapy Achievements will work with you to identify devices that will allow greater independence and help you to be less dependent on family members and caregivers.

Wheelchair Fittings

Maneuverability, postural support, durability, weight, transport options and control access are all factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair to meet your needs. Therapy Achievements works as a team with you, your vendor, and your doctor to ensure you get the right chair with the right fit to maximize your mobility.