Skin & Tissues

Burn and Wound Rehab

Therapy Achievements can be a vital part of your burn and wound care teams.  We provide therapy to control scar tissue, maintain tissue flexibility, and control swelling and infection so your burn or wound can heal.  We help coordinate and communicate with all members of your Care Team.  Your Care Team can include the Wound and Burn Clinics and doctors and nurses from internal medicine, infectious disease, vascular medicine, nephrology, plastic surgery, or other specialists you see.

Cancer Rehab

Cancer rehabilitation helps people with cancer maintain and restore physical and emotional well-being. Cancer rehabilitation is available before, during and after cancer treatment and is designed to help you experience a fuller or quicker recovery.  Conditions that are helped by Cancer Rehab may include:  

  • Carcinomas:  Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Lymphomas and Sarcomas

The Cancer Rehab Program:

Therapy Achievements teams with you and your doctor to design a rehabilitation program to improve your ability to function, reduce your symptoms, and improve your well-being.   Cancer Rehab’s goal is to help you return to the highest level of function and independence possible and to improve your overall quality of life — physically, emotionally, and socially.  Your program may include physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy in a combination and frequency that will best meet your needs and Cancer Rehab may include:

  • Pain Management: Manual therapy, Cold Laser, Negative Pressure Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Management: Scar mobility, Range of Motion, Lymphedema, Skin Integrity, Wound Care
  • Swallow Function: Myofascial release, Swallow Test & Imaging, Remedial exercise
  • Laryngectomy and Tracheotomy Care
  • Cognitive Function: Remedial exercise and Strategies for “chemo brain”
  • Driving Evaluation
  • Fatigue & Weakness

Lymphedema & Lipedema Therapy

Lymphedema is swelling that result in excess accumulation of fluid in the tissues from inadequate function of the lymphatic system.  Lymphatic function can be interrupted by:

  • Surgery that requires removal of lymph nodes
  • Scar tissue and damage to lymph nodes and vessels by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, infections such as cellulites
  • Severe traumatic injury.

Lymphedema can develop immediately, months, or even years after surgery or injury.  Left untreated, the involved limb slowly grows larger and provides an environment for infection.

Lipedema is a fat disorder that results in the accumulation of abnormal fat cells, typically, in the hips and thighs. The nature of the fat cells results in inflammation and fibrosis and it is often misdiagnosed as obesity or lymphedema.

Therapy Achievements is a Lymphedema Center of Excellence that provides comprehensive treatment for lymphedema and lipedema.  We provide Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) that includes:  Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Bandaging and/or Compression Garments, Remedial Exercises, Cold Laser therapy, Negative Pressure therapy, Pneumatic Compression Devices, and training for Risk Factors, Proper Skin Care & Diet.  We have over 5 certified lymphedema therapists and follow Best Practices so you can get the best results.

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