About Amputations 

Amputation can occur from trauma (due to accident or injury) or surgery (due to a disease process, cancer, infection or a number of other reasons).  Losing a limb can be painful, both physically and emotionally, but having the support of an experienced rehab team can make a difficult situation easier.   Surgical amputation allows you time to prepare and learn what to expect.  


Pre-Surgery Rehabilitation

Our pre-surgery rehabilitation or “Pre-Habilitation” program is designed to help prepare you, both mentally and physically, for your upcoming surgery so that you can have a great outcome.  You will come to the out-patient clinic 3 times per week for 2-3 weeks prior to your surgery for training, strengthening and equipment identification. 


Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

After surgery, we will work closely with you and your prosthetist to help you obtain the best possible outcome.  The goals of the post-surgery rehabilitation program are:

  • Wound healing, pain and edema control
  • Transfer training and fall prevention 
  • Maximize standing balance, strength, flexibility and range of motion 
  • Training in how to put on and take off socks, shrinkers and prosthesis
  • Home modification and adaptive equipment training

Advanced Rehabilitation

After you have completed your post-surgery rehabilitation, you may be ready for advanced rehabilitation services.  The focus of advanced rehabilitation is:

  • High level gait training, walking, and/or running with prosthesis
  • Advance wheelchair skills
  • Return to sports and driving

Therapy Achievements understands that peer support provides a benefit that extends beyond what therapy can provide.  To that end, Therapy Achievements partners with the Amputee Coalition to enable support group meetings in Huntsville.  The Amp Up North Alabama Amputee Support Group meets the 3rd Tue of even months and details can be found on our events calendar.