Driving on Your Own

Helping you achieve more independence

Daily Living On Your Own

The Daily Living Skills Program at Therapy Achievements focuses on helping individuals re-gain the ability to do tasks necessary for daily living – cooking, cleaning, going to work, driving, shopping and getting together with friends.

Driving Rehab

Our Driving Rehabilitation Services empower eligible patients to achieve more independence in their lives. Your therapist will begin with a Driving Evaluation, which will assess your physical and cognitive abilities to determine if there are any safety issues. Your therapist will then train you in risk reduction and compensatory strategies. We can also train you how to use adaptive driving equipment, such as hand controls and a left gas accelerator if needed.

Driving Rehab
Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology

Functional Living and Adaptive Technology can enable people with paralysis and other disabling conditions access to their environment in ways that were not possible in the past. We will work with you to identify devices that will allow greater independence and help you to be less dependent on family members and caregivers.

"Great facilities and excellent personnel. Very professional personnel who make the hand controls driving experience less stressful."
J.D. W.
Therapy Achievements Patient

Wheelchair Fittings

Maneuverability, postural support, durability, weight, transport options, and control access are all factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair to meet your needs. Therapy Achievements works as a team with you, your vendor, and your doctor to ensure you get the right chair with the right fit to maximize your mobility.

Wheelchair Fittings
"Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. We have been very pleased with results of lymphedema therapy (personally) and have had extensive, professional experience with dozens of our customers who have gone through the driver training process for specialized driver controls to keep them active & on-the-go!"
Leslie G.
Therapy Achievements Patient
Low Vision Services

Low Vision Services

The Low Vision and Visual Rehabilitation Service at Therapy Achievements can help individuals with all levels of vision loss ranging from mild visual impairment to legal blindness. Our comprehensive approach to care provides occupational therapists who are trained to evaluate your condition and identify an individualized rehabilitation plan to help you maximize remaining functional vision and maintain independence in daily living.

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